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We did little research. We have an interesting results. How much cost some additional services in car rental companies in Prague? 

How much will you pay extra if you need a child seat, winter tires or a second driver? Look at this.

GPS Navi  6 EUR 16 EUR 16 EUR 14 EUR 0 EUR
Child Seat 42 EUR 22 EUR 14 EUR 9 EUR 0 EUR
Second driver 42 EUR 44 EUR 7 EUR 7 EUR 0 EUR
Chains 42 EUR 22 EUR 32 EUR 9 EUR 0 EUR
Whinter tires 3,5 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 7 EUR 0 EUR
Entry abroad CZ fee 42 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 38 EUR 0 EUR
Full Insurance 19 EUR 20 EUR 23 EUR 0 EUR 15 EUR
Unlimited mileage 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 22 EUR 0 EUR

Draw conclusions yourself.

Prices are for June 2018.

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Rented a car in Prague from Runwell for our vacation. This was after seeing terrible reviews for another well known brand we had reserved a car rental through. Cancelled that reservation and went with Runwell. What a breath of fresh air... They are customer friendly and amazingly easy to work with. Pick up was straight forward. The car was what we expected, it ran great, no issues. Drop off of ...
Fue la única rentadora que nos dio toda la documentación necesaria para poder hacer una recorrida por los países de la zona. Además de República Checa, fuimos a Rumanía, Hungría, Eslovenia, Eslovaquia, Austria y Alemania sin ningún problema todo en orden. En casi todos los países de la lista los peajes ya venían cubiertos por la rentadora y en los que ellos nos avisaron ,sólo hay que ir...
Super easy car rental. Absolutely no hidden fees, unlike most car hire companies. And a really friendly team. Would definitely recommend!

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