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We love our clients for long-term planning and a variety of routes. You can choose where to pick up or return the car, and we will be happy to combine work and travel.

Attention! Traveling by car, do not forget to pay for travel on the roads of the countries you visit. Road tolls and the prices here

Vampires, dictators, Carpathians and unimaginable beauty national clothes. Vlad Tepes Count Dracula, Communist Nicolae Ceaușescu... What else we know about Romania?

So, there some pictures from the window of Toyota Avensis,


The huge palace of Ceausescu and our car


Bucharest’s architecture is reminiscent of Italian. Romania is an Orthodox country, there are a lot of Orthodox churches visited here.


Brasov - ski resort in the Carpathians





view of the Carpathians from the window of the Bran Castle


Dracula was here!

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