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We did little research. We have an interesting results. How much cost some additional services in car rental companies in Prague? 

How much will you pay extra if you need a child seat, winter tires or a second driver? Look at this.

GPS Navi  6 EUR 16 EUR 16 EUR 14 EUR 0 EUR
Child Seat 42 EUR 22 EUR 14 EUR 9 EUR 0 EUR
Second driver 42 EUR 44 EUR 7 EUR 7 EUR 0 EUR
Chains 42 EUR 22 EUR 32 EUR 9 EUR 0 EUR
Whinter tires 3,5 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 7 EUR 0 EUR
Entry abroad CZ fee 42 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 38 EUR 0 EUR
Full Insurance 19 EUR 20 EUR 23 EUR 0 EUR 15 EUR
Unlimited mileage 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 22 EUR 0 EUR

Draw conclusions yourself.

Prices are for June 2018.

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Latest feedback

Jeste jednou bych vam chtel moc podekovat za vas service. Bylo to pro nas poprve, kdy jsem pouzili vas service - na tom, zda dostaneme vuz pak zalezi cely dalsi prubeh nasi dovolene. Jsem moc rad, ze vam mohu sdelit, ze s vasim service jsme byli 120% spokojeni. Pro nas byla velka vyhoda, ze jste nam vuz 'dorucili' na predem sjednanou adresu v Praze a odtud jste si pak rovnez vyzvedli vas...
Thank you so much. Great service. Lovely car. Really easy to book. Good personal service. Easy to contact via WhatsApp and super flexible when we had bad weather and traffic on the journey and were worried we might arrive back late. Would definitely use again.
موقع مميز في وسط المدينة, موظفون متعاونون, لم انتظر في وصولي في وقط مزدحم.

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