We are happy to be a friend with the Company Emil Frey Czech Republic! The big part our car fleet is the Toyota, the one of the most reliable car brands. Toyota is reliable not only for personal use the car, but for car rental. In Prague our experience shows Toyota is the best! And we are very very grateful to our friends for for the opportunity to test a new car Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018. 

IMG 20180209 182412 508
 The Land Cruiser Prado is slotted between the even bigger Land Cruiser and the Fortuner. The new 2018 Land Cruiser Prado gets a new look and looks more premium. There is the massive chrome rich grille flanked by the new headlights. An interestingly shaped bonnet with a big line in the middle. Overall it has massive presence which is a given.
IMG 20180209 182425 750
 The interior is dominated by the box-like centre dash with its touchscreen infotainment unit, and climate controls below. The touchscreen system is typical Toyota flare, meaning its solid with a logical menu structure but the graphical interface feels old. The driving position is nice and high and the seat is comfortable. There’s good movement on the seat for drivers of all heights to get comfortable behind the wheel and the steering wheel offers reach and rake adjustment.
IMG 20180209 182429 070
 Boot space is 480 litres. Not bad for different life situations:)
 IMG 20180212 110013 104
Prado successfully copes with the ascent to one of the highest Czech hills:))
 IMG 20180212 110050 424
 Nice fortress in the North of the Czech Republic

IMG 20180214 140320 631
He did it! A trip on a flat road is very pleasant. High noise isolation and stability of the car by default. And of course, the advantage and respect of a strong car in road traffic.
 IMG 20180212 110145 288


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Брал автомобиль в компании =RUNWELL=2 раза,машина в отличном состоянии,отличное и быстрое обслуживание.Ребята-приветливые и вежливые.Отдавал машину в аэропорту в 4 утра,переживал...но прошло все олично!Професионалы!!!Рекоме...
Mi experiencia con alquiler de coches Runwell era muy buena. La primera ventaja de Runwell es la ubicación- en el centro de la ciudad. El personal esta feliz y muy comunicado. A pesar de que están trabajando sólo de 8 a 8(sin días libras), pueden responder a sus preguntas a través Whatsapp o el móvil en cualquier momento. Los precios son razonables e incluyen el GPS y el asiento del niño. ...
Автомобиль в данной компании брали дважды. Очень быстрое оформление документов на аренду автомобиля. Машина не подвела ни разу. Ограничения пробега нет. Залог можно оставлять в любой валюте. Ребята- профессионалы свое...

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