Prague Christmas markets are among the most popular in Europe. The beauty and atmosphere of the Advent Marketplace in the center of Prague was awarded by the prestigious US weekly US News & World Report. Staroměstské and Havelské Squares in the Old Town, Wenceslas Square and Republiky Square, Tyl Square, Namesti Miru and Holešovice Exhibition Grounds - these are places where Prague celebrates advent and Christmas.

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 Cozy and romantic Cesky Krumlov

Český Krumlov is admiring the beautiful and always attracts the visitors into a mysterious atmosphere. 

Get to know another face of Český Krumlov. A face full of calm and poetry. Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of Český Krumlov, which will simply swallow you - advent and Christmas markets, concerts, angelic procession thruough the town, angelic monasteries. Advent and Christmas in Český Krumlov, enriched with the Old Bohemian Christmas Market with punch and Christmas cookies evokes a festive feeling in everyone.

The Baby Jesus Post Office receives this year children's letters to Baby Jesus since Sunday 2nd December. The mailbox for children's letters will be available at the Svornosti square on the small bell tower under the Christmas tree. On Sunday 9 December, at 3 pm, Baby Jesus Post Office will be opened at Golden Angel, and at 4.30 pm the White Lady will be visiting our town and she will then deliver the children's letters to Baby Jesus.

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Brno Christmas Markets

Welcome to the Christmas Brno! They end no sooner than on 28th December this year, so you can enjoy them during the holidays and even after. This is the festival that has given our cities the tradition of Christmas Trees on their squares and which is connected to the story of an abandoned baby that had a happy ending. It is the only place in the world where you can have Turbomošt®. You can also taste other delicacies from Brno, Moravia, the Czech Republic and further afield. This is the only city in the Czech Republic with the title UNESCO Creative City of Music. You will find live music every day at the Advent Markets.
Brno’s Christmas Markets were the first in the Czech Republic to introduce a system of recyclable cups, which you can happily take home as a Christmas Souvenir. Last year this helped us to save 190,000 litres of waste.

Will you choose the dynamic Freedom Square with virtual reality, a designer market and live concerts, or the more peaceful Dominican Square with its family atmosphere and gourmet delights? You can also go to Advent markets on Vegetable Market and Moravian Square. They are there just till 23rd December.

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