Every year Prague attracts millions of tourists. Unique architecture, history, culture, cuisine and hospitality make the Czech Republic very attractive for guests. We want to remind one more reason to visit Prague - we expect some the exciting events to take place here! Plan your trip to the Czech Republic taking into account the world tour of the stars and enjoy it! 

So, on April, 17 Prague welcomes the great dancer Sergey Polunin. The ballet star will perform on stage Forum Karlin five times, and now is last chance to buy the tickets. 

sergez polunin

The next reason to go to Prague in 2019 is the Elton John's performances on May 7 as part of his impressive three-year tour of “Farewell to the Yellow Brick Road”.


May is the best month to go to Czech Republic and not only on thanks the weather.

English jazz-funk band from London Jamiroquai and Jay Kay will perform at the Prague's O2 arena on May 25.


English rock band MUSE will ignites with czech fans on the 26  of May at Letnany Airport Prague. 


 Magic show from Canada Cirque du Soleil will take place on O2 Arena 29.05 


An American alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois, Smashing Pumpkins will perform in front of the Prague citizens at the beginning of June, 6 on Karlin Forum. 

smashing pumpkin

We can see with our own eyes  the creative collaboration of old school, bands ZZ TOP and KISS, at a concert on a stage EDEN Arena 19 of June.


Prague's largest concert hall O2 Arena invites longtime fans of the Backstreed Boys band on 22 of June.

backstreet boys

If it is not enough, you can hire a car in Prague and go to Vienna or Berlin. The grand show awaits all fans of Pink as part of this singer's World tour. Our cars will help you to to get to the CHER concert (Berlin, 26/9) Alice Cooper ( Berlin 13/09) or Ozzy Ozzbourne (Berlin too)/ 


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