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Toyota GT86 A/T 10. Sport
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Rent a sport car in Prague!

Toyota GT 86 is the legendary sports car from leading car manufacturer. This is Car of the year 2012 in TOP GEAR rating. “The GT86 has come barrelling into the marketplace with a big, dirty smile on its face. It’s a car designed for one thing: fun”, - said Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear. Hire Toyota GT 86 in Prague -  a great way to get a charge of vivacity and adrenaline!

The Toyota GT86 fills a large gap in the Japanese company's line-up for a performance car. It's the first rear-wheel-drive sports car since the MR2 was dropped in 2007, and it's the first coupe from the company since the Supra was axed in 2002. When it arrived in 2012, it marked a unique approach to performance car manufacturing, as it has a front-mounted boxer four-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive. But its modest power output was on a level with hot hatchbacks, while light weight and skinny tyres gave it nimble handling with a low grip threshold, so owners could make the most of the car's handling limits.

The GT 86 gets its name by fusing two titles from Toyota's back catalogue. The GT part comes from the 2000GT of the 1960s, while the number 86 comes from the Corolla AE86 of the 1980s, a car that has gained legendary status with Japanese sports car and drift fans across the world.

While the GT 86 filled a gap in the Toyota range, it isn't the sole creation of Toyota. That's because the Subaru BRZ is the same car, and that's part of the reason why the GT 86 has a boxer four engine. In addition, the GT 86 was sold in the US as the Scion FR-S, although it's now branded the Toyota 86 after the Scion brand was dropped in 2016.

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Why do you need to hire our cars for your trip?

There are 10 reasons to rent a car in RUNWELL:

1. Fair car rental prices. Everything is included: unlimited mileage, insurance, CZ highway tolls and car delivery all-around Prague.

2. Honest car-hire terms.

3. Free accessories: GPS, EU countries road maps, child seat, winter tires, wheel chains, second driver.

4. No hidden payments or unpleasant surprises. 

5. Renting car in RUNWELL is easy and quick: our cars are always close to our office in the center of Prague. The whole paperwork and transaction takes 10 minutes!

6. We have cars for everyone! Small onesbig onesreally comfortable and several highly interesting.

7. We are opened every day, from 8:00 till 20:00. Also, we have 24 hours client service in Czech, English and Russian languages.

8. Our cars have Unweltzone toll. It is special sticker that allows you enter the environment zones in German cities.

9. We are children-friendly car-rental company. In RUNWELL every child receives a gift.

10. We are really glad to help you with your questions about Czech Republic and Prague.

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