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In the Czech Republic was opened a unique world - HELL, which is unprecedented in Europe and elsewhere in the world. You can find it near Hlinsko v Čechách in the village Čertovina. Choose and rent a car in RUNWELL, Prague, and go out! 

It is an extraordinary building that extends to a depth of 12 meters below the ground, where there are hundreds of meters of corridors and caves, and then heads to the sky eight meters.

The building resembles a giant inverted ship with a length of 65 meters and a width of 14 meters. A legend tells us that in 666 the devils sailed on a hell ship and searched for sinful souls. One night, however, they were caught in a terrible storm, and the whole ship flipped upside down. Lucifer took his great pitchfork, stabbed it right in front of the bow of the overturned ship, and said, "Hell will never go to heaven!". He commanded all the furry to dig and dig until they dug their HELL. And the sinful souls in the earthly world who were not afraid to settle nearby called this place Devil's.

In the bowels of the building you will find, in addition to the underground labyrinth, a restaurant with a capacity of 200 seats and an adjoining terrace, Lucifer's Lair, souvenir shop, games room, wine bar.

This is original idea for Czech trip and not only for naughty kids. If you want really want to visit devils - to it here, in Hlinsko, only 155 km from Prague. 

Web https://www.peklocertovina.cz/ 

Price: 14 euro / adult, 10 euro / child 

The reservation required. You cam stay im the Hell for night.)

peklo hlinsko4 

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