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Beer Poztřižin is the example of a small Czech brewery, then the quality and tradition in the first place. It is not very far from Prague, but nice idea for one day trip by car to middle Czech region. Book the car in RUNWELL car rental comany and go to walk Nymburk's brewery and surroundings.

To trace back the beginning of beer brewing at Nymburk and its neighbourhood is for us from the historical point of view very diffcult. We cannot say exactly and unequivocally when, where and who began brewing beer in these places. Undoubtedly, it can be said this happened at the time of foundation of the town. The establishment of the brewery at Nymburk commenced a new era of beer brewing at the town of Nymburk based on previously learned experiences and long-term tradition of beer brewing at our town.

First indirect records on beer brewing are contained in a document of King John of Luxemburg dated December 26, 1327, by which the King restores some privileges, this document was burnt and destroyed in an unknown time during a raid by a regional wrecker John of BiberÜtejn. One of these privileges was so called "one mile right". This was a privilege enabling a town to keep its monopoly for beer brewing and prohibiting other people within one mile around the town to brew and dispense beer or other beverages without the approval from the town council (one Old-Bohemian mile was about 11,25 km).

After 1989, the Nymburk brewery became part of "Pivovary Bohemia, a.s., Praha" ("Breweries Bohemia, a.s., Praha"). The joint-stock company also included breweries in Podkováň, Kutná Hora, Benešov, soft drinks factory in Příbram and can filling and malting plant in Kralupy nad Vltavou.
At present time, the brewery Nymburk, Ltd. is a fully independent company and is a member of The Association of Small Independent Breweries.


The price for the tour is 80 CZK per person, minimum 10 people, 800 CZK, or per group. For students, the price is 50 CZK. Excursions are organized individually, we do not have visiting hours.

Walk through the royal city of Nymburk
Take a pleasant stroll through the ancient royal city of Nymburk, which stretches in the Polabian lowland along both banks of the Elbe River. Discover the historic core of Nymburk with the medieval city walls, the temple of st Giles, preserved by the system of double water fortification, a renaissance town hall, a Turkish tower and other sights, thanks to which the town was declared an urban conservation area.

nymburk map

 Not very far from Nymburk is Tankodrome Milovice, the residence place for adrenaline adventure agency Military Safari - shooting and driving an armored cars, tanks, BMP. 

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