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So, you have four hours and a desire to see the real Czech Republic, unforgettable by thousands of tourists. Our advice to rent a car in Prague downtown and after 40 minutes find yourself in one of the prettiest towns in the Usti region.

The oldest place in Litoměřice is Cathedral Hill where the first Slavonic settlements appeared in the 8th century and where the Slavs erected a powerful early medieval castle, the guardian of surrounding land. This fortified settlement was one of the most important in Bohemia. Thanks to Cosmas, the earliest Czech chronicler, we know the local Slavonic tribe by its name - Liutomerici. Dated May 31, 993 A. D., there is documentary evidence of the province of Litoměřice.

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Porta Bohemica or "Gate of Bohemia" is the name for the canyon-like valley of the Elbe River, which meanders and  creates a really beautiful natural scenery. Porta Bohemica can be seen from many places, such as from the church in Dubice (left bank of the Elbe) or from the top of Kalvárie hill at Velké Žernoseky (right bank of the Elbe).

The gateway of Bohemia (Porta Bohemica in Latin) is called the canyon valley of the Elbe, through which the river enters the České středohoří Mountains.

The Elbe River created a landscape with a deep cut of the river valley into the České středohoří Mountains. The panorama can be seen from many places, on the right bank it is the hill Varhošť with a lookout tower from 1973, on the left bank there is the Labská vyhlídka from the Church of Sts. Barbara in Dubice. Underneath the church in Dubice is the village of Dolní Zálezly, which was famous for its viticulture, similar to the nearby Velké and Malá Žernoseky. This resort was also visited by writer Franz Kafka. Not far from Velké Žernoseky, on the right bank of the Elbe there is also a distinctive gneiss rock headland of Calvary with three crosses and a nature reserve of the same name.

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