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Another nice idea, when to go to nature for one day.

It is only 150 km from Prague by car. You can book the car from 8.00 till 20.00 and visit the most beautiful places of two countries - Czech Republic and Germany. Spend the whole day in nature!

The Bohemian Switzerland National Park

The Czech Republic’s fourth national park was founded in 2000. Its task is to preserve the domain of a unique combination of majestic rock villages and sandstone formations with the incredible nature – including the animal kingdom as well as the flora. This primarily boils down to the attempt to restore the countryside’s natural character, erasing the changes recently made to it by humans. The hope is that Bohemian Switzerland’s typical silver firs and peregrine falcons will return, as well as the salmon, whose re-introduction allowed for the return of certain adult specimens from the Atlantic and back to the water of the Kamenice river.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

The Saxon Switzerland National Park is Saxony‘s only national park. It is the only rock national park in Germany. Its rugged unruliness made sure that the Elbe Sandstone Mountains did not become a modern cultural landscape. The status of a national park, awarded in 1990, ensures that this will continue in the future. Join us and take a fascinating journey back in time through the geological and biological past of our continent. Discover the fossilised relics of the Cretaceous period, a number of representatives of Ice Age flora and fauna still live here. 

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