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Recharge your batteries somewhere by the water in Czech Republic! There are no sea here, that is true. But you will find endless amount of lakes, rivers, ponds and dams! 

We have selected 9 places near wather for you, which are cool and picturesque, and you will surely enjoy the trip.

Save this post and rent a car to visit some of the places this weekend or any other time. 


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It belongs to the largest and best known Czech waterfalls.
Its origin is associated with backward erosion of the Elbe.
The Vydra is a 23.1 kilometers (14.4 mi) river in the Czech Republic.
The Vydra begins in the Bohemian Forest near Modrava, at the
confluence of the Roklanský potok and the Modravský potok.
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Červená Lhota (German: Roth-Lhotta) a château in Červená

Lhota village in the South Bohemian Region, Czech Republic.

It lies about 20 kilometres (12 mi) north-west of Jindřichův Hradec.

Its name Červená Lhota meaning "red lhota" can be explained

by the colour of the château's bright-red roof tiles.

There is also a park, where the Chapel of the Holy Trinity Czech:

Nejsvětější Trojice) is located.

The Lipno Reservoir (Czech: přehrada Lipno) is a dam and

hydroelectric plant constructed along the Vltava River

in the Czech Republic. It is the largest water area

in the Czech Republic.

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Zvíkov, often called "the king of Czech castles", is a castle

junction Vltava and Otava rivers.

 In close vicinity of Česká Skalice extends the Rozkoš reservoir,

often called the Eastern Bohemian Ocean.

The large dammed lake offers numerous opportunities for water sports,

swimming, camping, and recreation centers.

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 The Orlík Reservoir (Czech: Vodní nádrž Orlík) is the largest

hydroelectric dam in the Czech Republic. It dams the Vltava River

near the village of Solenice, which is near the town of Příbram.

Pudlavsky vodopad(Pudlava waterfall) - Krkonoše,

Giant Mountains, 122 m



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