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Znojmo – a marvellous, historic town in an imposing setting above the Dyje River.

The historic town centre with its numerous churches, all surrounded by mediaeval city walls, has preserved its Renaissance look and is full of crooked lanes, romantic views and picturesque nooks and crannies. Znojmo is also the centre of a well-known wine region, so why not take the time to sample some of the local produce?

Znojmo’s famous past is recalled in the town’s oldest monument, the Romanesque Rotunda of Our Lady and St. Catherine, dating from the mid-11th century and located in the grounds of Znojmo Castle. Only a few hundred years younger is the extensive underground, whose 30km of corridors extend below the majority of houses, streets and squares in the historic town centre. As the underground is popular with families, part of the tour route focuses on fairytales and ghosts, with wine tastings for adults. See the town from above from the lookout gallery of the town hall. Another dominant feature of the town is the Church of St. Nicholas. Don’t miss a tour of the interiors, as you won’t see the likes of the original Baroque pulpit in the shape of the globe anywhere else!


Vineyards and vintage
As you’re in the Znojmo, reserve at least sometime for wine and wine tourism. Take a tour of Louka Monastery, the massive wine cellars and the Museum of Viniculture. You can also take a trip to the Podyjí National Park and visit Šobes, one of the best vineyards in Europe. Znojmo wine, sparkling young wine (burčák) and regional gastronomic specialties can also be sampled at the annual Znojmo Historical Vintage.

Trips in the area
Wine tourists can also visit the Modré sklepy (Blue Cellars) complex in Nový Šaldorf, where the cellar lane is amongst the most picturesque in the Znojmo region, with at least one cellar open during the season. Visit nearby Slup to see the historic water mill. Other attractive destinations are the romantic Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau, Bítov Castle and Vranov Reservoir.

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The underground of Znojmo belongs among unique historical sights not only in the Czech Republic but also within Central Europe. It comprises a system of underground passageways and cellars that is almost 27 kilometres long, and has up to 4 storeys.

The construction dates back to the turn of the 14th and the 15th centuries. Every one of the residential buildings had an underground space apparently serving economical purposes. Medieval Znojmo was a city rich both for its location that guaranteed a successful harvest of tasty wine and other agricultural products as well as for its location on an important trading road, and thus became a significant commercial centre. The underground passageways were in all aspects advantageous for the appropriate storing of goods.

Today the catacombs serve first of all their visitors. An approximately one kilometre long passageway begins on the Chicken market /Slepičí trh/, and it terminates in Obroková street connecting the Upper square /Horní náměstí/ with the Masarykovo square.

the Znojmo Catacombs

Old town

The Old Znojmo Town Hall, built as early as 1260, burned down during the great fire of 1444 and its tower, built on top of the building, also burned down and fell. That is why the tower was designed as a stand-alone building during the reconstruction of the town hall. It was built in the years 1445 - 1448 by master Mikuláš ze Sedlešovic in late Gothic style. Two Latin inscriptions, engraved in stone in the tower's masonry, give the date of its building. The first inscription in English translation says: In the year of the Lord 1445 on Monday after the holiday of Markéta (i.e. 19th of July) this work was begun by master Mikuláš, stonemason from Sedlešovice. The second inscription of a similar wording says that the tower's construction was completed in 1448. The tower along with the dome is 79,88 tall, the masonry reaches up to 68,60 m. The structure is built on rock and the foundations are 3 m deep. The town hall tower has a very interesting towering roof, originally covered by slates. The majority of the load-bearing beams under the tower roof are still original - more than 500 years old.

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The construction of fortification started during the foundation of the town of Znojmo before 1226. The internal moat and internal fortification belt with defensive towers come from this time. In the course of the following centuries the fortification was enlarged by other walls. The town of Znojmo was for its position at the Moravian-Austrian border the best fortified town between Vienna and Prague. However, in the 17. and 18. centuries the style of warfare changed and the Medieval fortification were insufficient in the warfare progress.


After the Napoleonic wars the town authorities started to demolish the city gates and the fortification was sold to the private property. In the part of the external belt of fortification around the town the alleys were founded (today City Park). Nevertheless, the bigger part of fortification has been preserved and the chosen sections of fortification and defensive towers can be visited within the sightseeing tour with a guide. Of all the towers there is a fabulous view of the town and its surroundings.


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