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Highway toll Poland

The great advantage of motorways in Poland is that they are charged only certain stretches of highway. While driving this relatively large country, therefore no need to purchase expensive and often uneconomic vignette. Charging for selected highway sections is done in a way toll gates which are to be paid in both local currency and U.S. dollar and the euro, of course, in busy areas to pay for transit is possible to use a credit card. In Poland this way charged the highway A1, A2 and A4 with prices that vary according to size of vehicle weight, respectively.

Highway toll France

In France, as in Croatia or Italy is payment for use in highway speed toll gates that are on these types of communications deployed. Given the nature of these toll gates being paid of course by the distance traveled along the highway. The amount of toll fees of around 9 per 100 km which could be due to the size of France included in the group of countries with more expensive highway fees. As already mentioned, France is a relatively large state and on the way to or krz recommend it rather than choose an alternative route for the highway to pay more taxes.


  • Price for moved distance about 9 EUR / 100 Km
  • Payment at toll gates
  • More information on autoroutes.fr
  • Eurotunnel info eurotunnel.com



Highway toll Italy

In Italy, as well as in neighboring countries, drivers are forced to pay for use of expressways tolls. Toll charges are in Italy, like France, Spain and Croatia collected at toll gates and so when traveling to these countries do not need to hunt or buy a valid vignette. Payment for use of motorways in Italy in southern Europe, the most popular toll gates, where drivers pay the transit fee directly proportional to the distance offended by this type of communication. The amount of toll charges in this country reaches average values of 5.5 euros per 100 km which is due to charge prices in neighboring countries is relatively friendly.


Highway toll Croatia

As in neighboring countries are also in Croatia, the main expressway highways charged. Payment for transit, highway, however, is not charged a traditional way of highway signs, but the collection of fees are being used so-called toll gates which are fees paid by cash or credit card in the amount equal to the distance traveled on the road. If you are interested in the way to the sea in Croatia to save, you can use for planning a free route map below or any of the GPS to plan a route out of sections of the toll / no toll stickers / permits.


Highway toll Serbia

If you are going to pass through Serbia, surely you're interested in which sections of highway are charged a fee for transit. Among one of the most essential sections are paid by highway E70 and marking the course, several other associated roads. Payment for the paid sections of the passage takes place at the toll gates, you can use an electronic system with prepayment and subsequent cash payments for passing the section. Passage of a highway is burdened relatively reasonable fee which amounts to the average values of 5 - 6 per 100 km. Further information, including maps zakreslenнm paid highways can be found below on this page. We hope that this information will be used to reach neighboring states of Serbia and helpful.


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