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It is ordinary situation - you need to reach not very popular among tourists town or village. Yes, it may be situated not for far from Prague, but public transport not to get quick and convenient route. Good idea to use small cars from car rental company. There is a really economical and fast way for your trip around the small towns of the Czech Republic.

The first advantage of this class rental cars is the cost. The cheapest car in car rental RUNWELL costs about 30 euros for 1 day depending on the season. Unlimited mileage is included and allows save the money by tickets on bus or on train. And of course you save the time! 

The second reason to choose mini class hired car is convenient parking. Small cars for the narrow medieval Prague streets! 

And third - if you were in a car accident, it will not be too expensive, either for you or for the rental Agency.

Some interesting places near from Prague within easy reach by rental car: 

1. Terezin is a former military fortress composed of citadel and adjacent walled garrison town of Litoměřice District, in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic, ghetto and concentration camp during II World War. 


2. Hora Rip. According to a traditional legend, first recorded by the ancient Czech chronicler Cosmas of Prague in the early 12th century, Říp was the place where the first Slavs, led by Forefather Čech, settled.


3. Litomysl is a town and municipality, former bishopric and Latin Catholic titular see in the Pardubice Region of Bohemia, in the Czech Republic.The château complex in the town centre is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site


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