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You plan to rent a car and want to make sure it is safe. Ask about the test drive (enough 300-500 meters) and pay attention to the following points related to the work of the brakes. It is easy!

Brake Light

If your brake light comes on, there are a couple of possibilities. One is easily rectified but the other could be an indication that there is a serious problem and you need to have your brakes checked as soon as possible. When you start your car, the lights on the dash come on. This is normal – it’s a bulb test to make sure the lights are all in working order. When you start your car, if the lights don’t come on, it’s a sign you should have the bulbs changed.
However, after a few moments, if all is well, they should go off again.
If the brake light stays illuminated, the most likely cause is that your handbrake is on, and once you release it, the light should go off. If it doesn’t, it could be an indication that there really is a problem.

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Soft Brake Pedal

A soft or squishy-feeling brake pedal or one that offers little resistance can be an indication of a serious problem. If your pedal goes all the way to the floor when you put your foot on it, you should stop driving the car and have it looked at – your brakes may be about to fail altogether.

If you notice that your brake pedal is just beginning to feel a little softer than normal but doesn’t yet reach anywhere near the floor, this could also be the first sign of brake pad wear.

Screeching, Screaming Or Squealing Brakes

Brake pads contain metallic indicators that are designed to tell you when your brake pads are nearing the end of their lives and need to be changed. 

Essentially, brakes are supposed to squeak to give you an early warning that you need to take action. When you wear the brake pads down to this stage, the indicator presses against the rotor, letting you know the brake pads are ready to be replaced.

Burning Smell When Braking

If you start to smell a nasty acrid burning smell when you are breaking, this could be a sign that your braking fluid is starting to overhead. This is especially likely when driving conditions cause you to use the breaks a lot – for example when driving in the mountains or when driving downhill. Cars from RUNWELL rent-a-car pass technical inspection regularly. We pay special attention to the braking system of our cars.

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