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Steps to Take After a Crash

When you have a car accident there are a few keys things you need to do.

Stop if you are in an accident. Even if you think there was no any damage, you need to stop.

What to Do

This checklist will help you know what to do after a car accident. Please save it!

Immediately after the accident, mark the scene with a triangular sign. Try to put it at least 50 meters away, and on the autobahn, a hundred meters in front of the place of the accident. When leaving the car, you need to wear a special vest (every our car is equipped with it).

triangle sign


Determine the Extent of Damage

Check to see if anyone needs urgent medical care. If possible wait for the police before moving anything.

Contact the Police using the emergency number 112.

Then call to car rental company.

Don't conversation about the accident with the other party. You should only talk about the accident with the police, car rental company and medics.

Get the information

Checklist about accident (save it)
Information about the driver
Name of Driver
Address of Driver
Phone number or other contact information
Information for insurance company
Insurance company name
Insurance company policy number
Vehicle description, make, model and year, vehicle registration information, license plate number
Address of the accident
Road you are on and the nearest cross street

Take photos from a few angles or sketch a diagram of the accident place.

 car accident

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